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That was rather cute. Good job bro.

Looks like an interesting weather-survival game ... Unfortunately, the download for WinOS platform consists only of a single tiny EXE file (624.5 KB, compiled: 10 Dec 2018).

Clicking the EXE file leads to the launch error: "The program can't start because UnityPlayer.dll is missing from your computer."

If the game was created using Unity v2017.x onwards, it has a unityplayer.dll dependency. (Not so for games created with older Unity versions.)

As such, the standalone exported ZIP package for a playable WinOS build should have a directory structure similar to the following:-

  • \Through the Storm_Data\  subfolder containing game assets
  • \Through the Storm.exe  executable "wrapper" that calls the below DLL
  • \UnityPlayer.dll  engine code, allows game to be played as standalone on WinOS

Thanks !

Thank you so much for catching that! We appreciate the help! We will update it soon!